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From Compassion Comes Strength

I am attorney David E. Cook, and I am a champion for York County families. After years working with the county prosecutor in child abuse and domestic violence cases, I have seen families at their best and at their very worst, and I can confidently tell you that a happy, healthy future is on your horizon if you are willing to fight for it. Whether you need assistance protecting yourself in divorce or getting adequate access to your children, I have the experience to help.

Learn more about me and my commitment to family law advocacy by following the link below:

A Family Law Practice That Takes Care Of The Whole Person

I created the Law Office of David E. Cook, LLC, in 2006, as a way to serve the broader York area in some of the most personal, intimate legal issues. As your attorney, I want to help you have a voice in the legal system, and I use my experience and trial-tested representation skills to support you. I see the impact divorce and other family law issues have on families months and years after the fact, and I work to ensure you have the opportunities you need to thrive.

I understand that serving the best interests of children means preserving healthy relationships with both parents. I am devoted to helping fathers protect their rights in order to reduce the negative impact a divorce might have on any children involved. Divorce means changes, but it doesn’t have to be destructive.

I Am Here For You. All You Need To Do Is Reach Out.

When your family is in crisis, you deserve an attorney who will take the time to see you as a person, treat you with compassion and go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals for your future. Sit down with me at my office for a consultation. Call 717-985-8446 or email me online.